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Artificial Intelligence

As every business is becoming more data driven, Artificial Intelligence becomes the key to growth. By 2035, AI will enable 38% Profit Gains, AI technologies will increase productivity by 40% and economic growth by an average of 1.7% across 16 industries.

Digital Advertisements

From display banners to digital billboards, all use big data. This is the main reason for digital ads getting higher CTR than traditional advertisements

Recommender Systems

The recommender systems make it easy to find relevant products from billions of them. They promote suggestions based on user’s demands and previous search results.

Internet Search

Search engines make use of data science algorithms to deliver best results for search queries in a fraction of seconds.

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Credit card companies, retail banks, wealth managers, insurance firms, VCs, and investment banks use AI for Customer analytics, Compliance analytics, Fraud analytics, Operational analytics, and Credit Scoring


Gaining new subscribers, retaining customers, and expanding within current subscriber bases. The solutions to these challenges lie in the ability to combine and analyze the masses of customer-generated data and machine-generated data


Brick and mortar or an online e-tailer, the answer to being competitive is understanding the customer better. This requires to analyze the weblogs, customer transaction data, social media, store-branded credit card data, and loyalty program data.


Optimize the buying experience through the mobile/ weblog and the social media data. Gain insights into the customer’s desires, upsell by correlating the current sales to the subsequent browsing, increase browse-to-buy conversions via customized packages and offers. Personalize travel based on social media data.

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Customer Service

Thanks to chatbots and intelligent assistants, it has opened a whole new realm of customer engagement for businesses across all domains. Getting detailed answer and explanations, assisting with tasks, complaint resolution, bookings, reservations, and purchase became a completely different game.

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Consulting on how businesses can adapt emerging technologies, digitalize, and use data for problem solving, marketing, and growth. Currently focusing on AI, Machine Learning, deep learning, data science and complete utilization of these technologies to create new tools. It initially started in 2006 in New York City as a digital marketing agency when SEM was being adopted as a new channel. As every business evolved to be more data driven, it transformed into an AI consultancy and relocated to Palo Alto, CA

Mehmet Murat


Sold company to Amazon subsidiary. Founded e-commerce, online ad agency, marketing research, and consultancy firms in New York and Istanbul.

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